Customer Charter

BMA House Events Customer service charter


Our commitment to you:

We strive to continuously improve our service and product offering, recognising that your feedback is invaluable.  We are accredited by the MIA’s AIM (Accredited in Meetings) scheme and monitored by the BDRC’s VenueVerdict Scheme.  Our aim is to deliver your event to the best of our availability at all times.

We want to know your feedback, both positive and constructive.  If you can, please share your experience with us personally, we would be grateful if you could also complete the VenueVerdict online survey which we will send to you after your event.

We are committed to ensuring your event is delivered to a high standard – this includes the pre-planning in the run up to and the delivery of your event on the day.  Our follow up with you is equally important to us.  As part of this we offer you one point of contact, where possible, from start to finish.

We are committed to ensuring our facilities and equipment are always of the highest standard.  This includes having up to date audio visual equipment on site, and maintaining your comfort and security throughout your time in our venue.

We are committed to providing a venue which meets DDA requirements and which is easy to get around.  We will be happy to assist you where possible.

We are committed to providing a first class catering experience, which includes friendly and knowledgeable service staff, and a range of menus which include healthy and sustainably sourced ingredients.

We are committed to protecting the environment, we are accredited at Silver level under the Green Tourism Business scheme and continually strive to minimise our impact.

We are committed to training our staff and nurturing their development to help make them better event planners.

We are committed to holding your event details in the strictest confidence; we will not release or sell your details to any third parties.

Our dealings with you:

In the instance that we do not meet our own standards and your expectations we will always reply to your concerns in a courteous, timely and efficient manner.  We ask that where possible you advise us of your concerns no later than 7 days after your event.  We will acknowledge your email within 24 hours (during weekdays) and aim to provide you with a satisfactory response no later than 5 working days.  We will discuss with you how any confusion may have occurred and will endeavour to resolve all concerns to the satisfaction of both parties.

Where your event has not yet taken place we will ensure additional relevant resource is available throughout the remaining planning process of your event to ensure the desired outcome on the day

Where you event has taken place we will acknowledge any clear mistakes on our part

Team members are empowered to resolve complaints when they can, where they feel unable or where you request it, your complaint will be referred to a manager.  The manager will ring you within 24 hours of this time (excluding weekends).

We will be courteous at all times and request that the same courtesy is given to our staff.  Please refrain from using abusive language or behaviours

Thank you for taking the time to read our customer service charter.  Should you have any questions regarding this document please contact the Head of Events on 020 7383 6750.  For all other queries and new enquiries please contact the team on 020 7874 7020.