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    BMA House host first in-person Sustainable Wedding Summit


    On February 1st, 2024, the wedding industry witnessed a blossoming not of roses, but of real impact. The inaugural Sustainable Wedding Summit, held at London’s BMA House, ditched the glossy brochures and fleeting trends for something far more meaningful: a call to action.

    Mother Nature, ever-present in spirit, was symbolised by a chair adorned by a member florist, Lilac and Lace Floral Design, a gentle reminder to ask the crucial question: “What would nature say?” This ethos permeated the day, driving attendees through interactive sessions like “Happily Ever After… and Beyond” and “Net Zero: Decoding the Buzzword.” Here, they unearthed practical tools and strategies to weave sustainability into their businesses, from carbon reduction plans to ethical marketing and navigating sustainable supply chains.

    But knowledge wasn’t the only nourishment on offer. Delicious, plant-based cuisine, provided by Company of Cooks, showcased the possibilities of sustainable catering, while inspiring voices from established businesses within the industry and beyond, shared their innovative solutions and experiences. It was a vibrant exchange of ideas, igniting imaginations and forging connections among a community of passionate changemakers.

    “We were thrilled to host the Sustainable Wedding Summit & Awards in collaboration with the Sustainable Wedding Alliance,” shared Rebecca Hurley, Marketing Manager at BMA House. “Sustainability is deeply rooted in our values, and the Summit perfectly aligned with our commitment to eco-friendly practices. The discussions on sustainable business practices, net zero targets, and social sustainability resonated deeply with our ethos. BMA House, with its strong sustainability credentials, provided the ideal setting for these important conversations.”

    This wasn’t just a one-day event; it was a turning point. Attendees left armed with actionable roadmaps to transform their businesses, attract conscious couples, and build a legacy that transcends fleeting trends. The movement is gaining momentum, and the future of weddings looks bright – and undeniably green!

    Ready to join the eco-revolution? Businesses committed to making a difference can become members of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance. Access exclusive resources, connect with fellow changemakers, and be at the forefront of the sustainable wedding movement. Visit to join the movement and be part of the future of weddings!

    Remember, it’s not just about weddings; it’s about rewriting the love story for our planet.

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