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    Team certified as Carbon Literate

    💚 We are proud to have a dedicated member of the team who has been certified as Carbon Literate 💚

    Sustainability is a huge driving factor for choosing us as a venue and to have an educated team on hand is just one of the many ways in which we can help clients & couples put on a sustainable event. Whether it’s a conference, social event or wedding, we have a true history of hospitality and focus on sustainability 🌿

    👏 Well done Victoria Lewis for completing your ‘Carbon Literacy Training for Wedding Professionals’.

    🔗 Find out more about this training here:

    BMA House shortlisted as finalists at the Conference & Events Awards 2024!

    The venues team have been shortlisted as finalists for prestigious industry awards, the Conference & Events Awards. Our magnificent venue will be fighting for a winning trophy in the following category:

    ⭐ Sustainability Award for Venues

    This is the first time we’ve entered ourselves into these awards so it’s hugely encouraging to be shortlisted. These annual awards celebrate and champion everyone involved in the events industry. A considerable amount of time, hard work & love has been invested into making BMA House the incredible venue it is today, with sustainability as our key focus.

    Up against strong competition from the Business Design Centre, Wyboston Lakes Resort and RCP London Events to name just a few, we feel very lucky to be shortlisted in this category.

    We’ll find out if we’ve been successful at the awards ceremony on 5th July 🤞 but for now we’ll enjoy these this achievement and well done to everyone involved at BMA House and Company of Cooks for your hard work in getting us this far.

    Case Study: Redefining Awards and Celebrating the Travel Industry – The Travel Celebration event


    The Travel Celebration event was an inaugural event designed to bring together the travel industry in a unique and refreshing way. Unlike traditional award ceremonies that followed a predictable format, The Travel Celebration sought to break the mould and create an unforgettable experience for its attendees. Micaela Giacobbe, the event organiser, and Bruce Martin, the event owner, envisioned a celebration that would go beyond awards to prioritise networking, memorable experiences, and meaningful connections among industry professionals.

    The Vision:

    Recognising the need for a different approach in the wake of the global lockdown, Micaela and Bruce set out to create an event that captured the spirit of recovery and rejuvenation. They wanted The Travel Celebration to be more than just another awards ceremony, providing a platform for industry professionals to connect, celebrate achievements, and build lasting relationships. The focus was on fostering meaningful interactions and creating shared experiences that would leave a lasting impression on attendees.

    The Unconventional Format:

    To create something truly different from the typical awards format, Micaela and Bruce carefully planned the evening’s schedule. They divided the event into three distinct sections, allowing ample time for networking and immersive experiences. The evening began with a longer than normal reception period, allowing guests to network while enjoying appetisers and drinks. This provided an opportunity for attendees to mingle, connect, and initiate conversations in a relaxed setting.

    Following the reception, attendees were seated for dinner. However, rather than keeping people confined to their tables throughout the evening, Micaela and Bruce introduced an awards ceremony that lasted no longer than 55 minutes. This concise and efficient format ensured that the majority of the evening was focused on relationship building and fun rather a one-way experience where the audience sat quietly, clapping occasionally and waiting for the awards to finish.

    After the awards ceremony, the event transformed into a lively party, where guests had the chance to enjoy themselves and continue networking for another hour and a half. By incorporating this extended networking period and breaking away from the traditional structure, The Travel Celebration created an atmosphere that encouraged meaningful connections in a fun and inspiring atmosphere.

    Memorable Experiences:

    To enhance the event’s uniqueness, Micaela and Bruce curated a range of extraordinary experiences for the attendees. These experiences aimed to create lasting memories and forge deeper connections among the guests. From an Arabian tent featuring henna painting and traditional coffee service to eco-friendly glitter artists and even the presence of rescued animals, each experience was carefully selected to captivate attendees and spark conversations.

    The inclusion of these uncommon experiences created an environment where people could engage with each other in new and exciting ways, whilst considering the world around them. As part of this, Micaela ensured that responsible choices were made, such as working with an organisation that rescues unwanted animals and demonstrates the challenges those creatures face.

    BMA House as the Venue:

    When selecting a venue for The Travel Celebration, Micaela and Bruce sought a space that would accommodate their desired capacity of 200 guests while offering a prestigious and impactful atmosphere. BMA House emerged as the perfect choice, providing an elegant setting with grand columns, exquisite lighting, and versatile spaces.

    In the words of Micaela: “One of the key factors in choosing BMA House was the expectation of seamless customer service provided by Sasha and the rest of the BMA House team. Their expertise and support were crucial in ensuring the event’s success. From the initial setup to the high-speed and potentially high-stress turnaround between the reception and the after-party, the BMA House team demonstrated professionalism, flexibility, and efficiency, ultimately exceeding our expectations.”


    Positive Feedback and Future Collaboration:

    The Travel Celebration Event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. Guests expressed their delight and surprise at the event’s distinctive format and memorable experiences. The unique combination of networking opportunities, immersive encounters, and an efficient awards ceremony made it a something truly unique in the industry calendar and BMA House look forward to welcoming them back next year.

    How to Organise a Sustainable Event: Insights from BMA House


    In today’s world, organising a sustainable event is not just a choice, but a responsibility. At BMA House, we’ve embraced this ethos, integrating sustainability into every facet of our event planning. This guide, inspired by our journey to achieving winners of ‘The Sustainability Award for Venues’ at the 2023 London Venue & Catering Awards, aims to empower you with strategies to create an eco-conscious event that leaves a lasting, positive impact on the environment.

    Embracing Sustainability in Every Aspect

    True sustainability in event planning is comprehensive. It begins with a thorough assessment of every element – from venue selection to the final wrap-up. Choose venues that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also committed to environmental stewardship. BMA House, for instance, has significantly reduced its carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources and implementing a robust water conservation plan.

    When planning your event, think about energy usage, waste management, and the overall ecological impact. Implementing a strict recycling program, using digital signage instead of printed materials, and ensuring that all lighting is energy-efficient are crucial steps. Also, consider the accessibility of the venue. Encouraging attendees to use public transport or providing shuttle services from major transport hubs can drastically reduce the event’s carbon footprint.  In our case for example, we are not only perfectly located close to key train stations and bus route, but we have also implemented a clean air walking route, ensuring visitors have a far quieter and less polluted walk from our nearest mainline station to the venue.

    Partnering with the Right Suppliers

    Your suppliers and partners play a vital role in the sustainability of your event. It’s important to collaborate with those who share your commitment to the environment. This means prioritising local vendors to minimise transportation emissions, and choosing caterers who offer sustainable menu options.  In additional to a variety of other local partners BMA’s key supporter in this part of our journey has been Company of Cooks, our catering partner.  They understand our sustainability needs and have worked with us from the outset to ensure that we are constantly improving our green credentials whether it be in the kitchen, behind the bar or on the plate.

    At BMA House, our collaboration with suppliers has led to the introduction of innovative sustainable practices. Our “Wine with a Conscience” program, for instance, focuses on sustainable wine options transported by land or sea, reducing our carbon footprint. Also, our catering partners prioritise plant-based and seasonal menu options, reducing the overall environmental impact of our food offerings.  Another example is our partnership with WasteKnot, who provide us with fantastic produce that wouldn’t make it to the supermarket shelves because “it doesn’t look right” or is slightly blemished.

     Sustainable Catering: Beyond the Menu

    The catering at your event can be a significant point of differentiation in terms of sustainability. It’s not just about what’s on the menu, but how it’s sourced, prepared, and served.

    Innovative catering solutions are key. For instance, at BMA House, we’ve embraced menus that highlight the carbon impact of each item, allowing guests to make informed choices. Eliminating high carbon footprint items like beef and introducing a diverse range of plant-based options has been a game-changer for us and it could be for your events as well.  Meat plays one of the biggest parts in the climate crisis that we face – reducing or eliminating it entirely is an incredibly positive step to take.

    But it’s not just about the food. How it’s served matters too. Minimise the use of disposables by ensuring the use of reusable cutlery and crockery. If disposables are necessary, ensure they are compostable or recyclable. Also, consider the presentation and packaging of food. Using locally-sourced, minimal, and recyclable packaging can significantly reduce waste.

    Reducing food waste is another critical aspect. Plan your menu carefully to avoid excess and collaborate with local charities to donate any surplus food. At BMA House, we create chutneys from our waste, but most importantly we try our hardest not to over-cater in the first place.  Simple planning, maths and an understanding of delegates numbers and wants is the best way to ensure waste in minimised.

    Engaging Attendees in Your Sustainability Journey

    Your attendees are crucial allies in your sustainability journey. Engage them from the outset – explain your sustainability goals and how they can contribute. Simple initiatives like encouraging the use of public transport, providing water stations instead of bottled water, and promoting a ‘Bring your own cup’ scheme can have a significant impact.

    At BMA House, we actively involve our attendees in our sustainability efforts. We provide clear information about our practices and encourage them to participate.  We also make sure that from the outset they know we are an award-winning sustainable venue and that they are a part of that journey.  Coming here doesn’t mean they will receive a lesser experience, just because it is more environmentally friendly.  In fact it will be an improved experience, something different and most importantly something memorable in a positive way that ensures the event delivers for the long term as it resonates throughout the years.  Nothing is more impactful than guest talking at a subsequent event about how different things were at BMA House and how much they enjoyed the food or would like to return.

    Leveraging Technology for Eco-Friendly Events

    Technology can greatly enhance the sustainability of your event. Digital invitations, online registrations, and e-brochures can significantly reduce paper waste. Also, consider the potential of hybrid events. By combining in-person and virtual elements, you can reduce the overall carbon footprint of your event by minimising travel.

    Winners of ‘Best Venue for Hybrid Events’ in the 2022 London Venue Awards, at BMA House, our success with hybrid events has shown how technology can not only enhance the attendee experience but also contribute to sustainability goals. For instance, using digital platforms for attendee interaction and feedback reduces the need for printed materials, while live streaming options can reduce the number of attendees who need to travel.  Don’t forget though to do your research – digital events use more power and energy so don’t let that outweigh the impact of the live event.  Also, make sure the attendees will benefit from a digital event, if it drives down attendance and negates an event’s impact and importance than it isn’t the right choice after all.

    In conclusion, organising a sustainable event is a journey that requires thoughtful planning and a commitment to making a positive environmental impact. By adopting the strategies outlined, inspired by our practices at BMA House, you can ensure that your event is not only memorable but also a beacon of sustainability. Embrace this opportunity to lead by example, demonstrating that events can be both extraordinary and eco-friendly.

    The Evolution of Dress Codes: Embracing Smart Casual at BMA House


    As we continue to navigate the post-pandemic landscape, the shift in professional attire at conferences and events is unmistakable. Here at BMA House, a leading venue for conferences and events, we have seen a notable transformation in dress codes over the last few years.  Whilst not entirely to blame, the COVID restrictions certainly accelerated the pace of that change, which mirrors the broader evolution in workplace and professional dress, reflecting a move towards more relaxed and individual styles.

    The Shift Towards Smart Casual

    In the aftermath of the pandemic, there has been a general relaxation in dress codes, moving away from the traditional suit and tie to embrace smart casual. This trend is not just a reflection of changing fashion sensibilities but also of the shifting dynamics of work culture. With more hybrid working models, where individuals split their time between home and the office, there’s a natural inclination to opt for outfits that bridge the gap between comfort and professionalism.

    At BMA House, we’ve witnessed this trend first-hand at our conferences and events. Attendees are increasingly choosing smart casual, which allows them to transition seamlessly from a day at the office to an event, without the need for a complete outfit change. This shift is indicative of a larger cultural move towards a more relaxed professional environment, where the emphasis is on individual expression and comfort, without sacrificing professionalism.

    Evening Events: A Time to Shine

    Despite the general trend towards relaxation, it’s important to note that dress codes can still vary significantly depending on the type of event and the sector. For evening events such as awards and receptions, in particular, there remains a strong inclination for attendees to dress up. These occasions are often seen as opportunities to make an effort, with cocktail attire or business formal wear frequently chosen to reflect the special nature of the evening. At BMA House, we continue to celebrate this tradition through our theming and decor, recognising that for many, evening events are a chance to step away from the everyday and indulge in a bit of glamour.

    Sector-Specific Expectations

    It’s crucial to acknowledge that in some industries, traditional dress codes are still very much expected. Fields such as law, finance, and certain corporate sectors maintain a more conservative approach to professional attire. For many events across these industries, the expectation for suit and tie or formal business wear remains unchanged. Here at BMA House, we respect and accommodates these expectations, ensuring that the professional nature and history of our venue continues to be present.  This again demonstrates our versatility and suitability for a wide range of professional gatherings.

    In conclusion, the evolution of dress codes at conferences and events reflect a broader shift towards a more relaxed and individualised approach to professional attire. At BMA House, we embrace this change, offering a flexible and inclusive environment that caters to a diverse array of professional needs and preferences. Whether it’s a day conference in smart casual or an elegant evening gala, we celebrate the diversity of professional expression in this new era.

    Fun in the Sun – the Ultimate Sustainable Summer Party


    Summer is the perfect time to let loose and enjoy the warmth of the sun, especially when it comes to hosting a corporate summer party. At BMA House, we’ve mastered the art of creating unforgettable summer celebrations that are not only fun but also sustainable. Here are three key tips to ensure your summer party is a hit.

    Embrace Interactive and Eco-Friendly Entertainment:

    Summer parties should be all about fun, and our new interactive games for example are designed to engage everyone. These aren’t just any games; they are crafted to be eco-friendly and encourage team-building, laughter, and memorable moments. At BMA House, we’ve invested in outdoor games that add a vibrant dimension to our Fun in the Sun’ party package. From traditional lawn games to new, exciting challenges, these activities are a great way to break the ice and bring your team together.

    Focus on Innovative and Sustainable Food Options:

    The heart of any party is its food, and we take this very seriously. Our catering partners, Company of Cooks, prioritise sustainability without compromising on quality. Expect a diverse menu, including plant-based and Asian-inspired dishes, reflecting our commitment to low carbon, ethical food practices. Our BBQ menu offers a variety of options like Achari chicken tikka and grilled masala paneer skewers, ensuring every dietary preference is catered to. Also, our food trucks, resembling quaint horse boxes, serve an array of delights, from pizza to souvlaki, enhancing the overall culinary experience.

    Innovate with Alcohol-Free Options:

    Recognising the rising trend in alcohol-free events, we’ve introduced exciting alcohol-free bars. These bars are not just an alternative but a highlight, offering a range of delicious, crafted non-alcoholic beverages. This initiative caters to individual preferences and supports a more inclusive party environment. It’s all about providing choices and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their drinking preferences, feels included and can enjoy the party to the fullest.

    At BMA House, we’re not just about throwing a party; we’re about creating experiences that are memorable, inclusive, and aligned with our sustainable ethos. Our ‘Fun in the Sun’ package is a testament to this commitment. Whether it’s through our award-winning venue (finalists in the 2023 London Venue & Catering Awards for ‘Best Summer Party Venue’), diverse and sustainable food offerings, or our engaging and eco-friendly entertainment options, we ensure every aspect of your summer party is a success. Join us in the heart of Bloomsbury this summer for an unforgettable celebration that sets a new standard for corporate summer parties.

    Tying the Knot Under the Open Sky: BMA House’s Courtyard Welcomes Wedding Ceremonies

    Imagine this: a gentle breeze, warm sunlight, the soft sound of live music setting a serene backdrop, and you, standing in the midst of an enchanting courtyard, saying “I do” under a canopy of blue skies. Sounds like a dream? Well, dreams do come to life at BMA House’s newly licensed outdoor ceremony space – the Courtyard.

    Nestled in the heart of BMA House, the Courtyard is not just any space; it’s a canvas waiting to be painted with the moments of your special day. Picture signing your marriage register beside a striking fountain, your friends and family basking in the sunlight. It’s the kind of magic you’d want to frame forever.

    This idyllic setting accommodates wedding ceremonies ranging from intimate gatherings of 50 up to 200 guests. And when it comes to personalising your day, the sky’s the limit. Choose from an array of stylish seating and layout options to create your perfect aisle. Want to make those memories last? Leave it to us to whisk your photographer (and perhaps you too) up to one of our charming balconies for breath-taking aerial shots. Imagine tossing your bouquet from up high.

    But the beauty of the Courtyard isn’t just about the “I dos”. Extend your celebration under the sun with drinks and canapés served in this stunning space, or perhaps venture to our second outdoor area, the Garden, for a change of scenery. With endless possibilities, our dedicated wedding planners are here to ensure your outdoor wedding dream is realised, step by step.

    BMA House is not just a wedding venue; it’s a piece of history. Standing on the site of Charles Dickens’ former home, this Grade II listed building strikes the perfect balance between heritage charm and modern sophistication. With sustainability at its core, it’s a place where your wedding day isn’t just beautiful but meaningful too.

    From the wrought iron gates that welcome you to the award-winning catering that delights your senses, every detail is crafted with care. And with five spectacular spaces licensed for weddings, including the Great Hall, Snow Room, Paget Room, Prince’s Room, and now the Courtyard, your wedding can unfold in a unique setting.

    The Courtyard and Garden, with their romantic allure, are the secret gems for cherished moments and photographs. And let’s not forget the culinary experience – our catering partners are masters at blending historic elegance with modern twists. Whether you’re dreaming of a themed feast or a multicultural menu, bespoke menus can be tailored to your heart’s desire.


    At BMA House, we don’t just host weddings; we celebrate stories. With a dedicated wedding planner by your side, every step towards your big day is a step towards perfection. And with prices starting from £6,480 including VAT, your dream outdoor wedding is not just a vision, but an affordable reality.



    For more information on weddings at BMA House, visit our Weddings & celebrations page, email our caring wedding planners on [email protected] or call us for a chat on 020 7874 7020

    Discover Bloomsbury with BMA House’s Local Guide

    We’re excited to share our new guide (scroll down to below our ‘Meet the team’ section) for guests looking around Bloomsbury, Kings Cross, Euston, and more. This guide helps you find the special spots that make a visit to BMA House better.

    A quick look at history

    BMA House is in the important Bloomsbury area of central London, known for its history and famous residents like Virginia Woolf. It’s a place with a mix of old charm and new life, and we think it’s the perfect setting for events.


    What’s special about Bloomsbury

    Bloomsbury has a friendly and historic feel, with stories of famous thinkers and artists around every corner. For us at BMA House, it’s the ideal place to hold events, surrounded by history and culture.


    Our top local spots

    Our guide shows you our favourite places in Bloomsbury, from Niche in Angel for gluten-free food to the lively Seven Dials Market. Whether you want great pizza or a cocktail, we have suggestions for you.


    Explore Bloomsbury’s history

    Our guide highlights places like The British Museum and Sir John Soane’s Museum, showing off Bloomsbury’s rich history. We invite you to explore and get a sense of the area’s past.


    Choosing where to stay

    We suggest hotels like The Kimpton Fitzroy for luxury or The Hilton for those watching their budget. These hotels combine convenience, comfort, and style for a memorable stay.


    Green spaces and shopping

    Bloomsbury has both peaceful parks and shopping areas. Our guide points you to places like Tavistock Square and shopping at The Brunswick Centre and Coal Drops Yard.


    Walking the Clean Air Route

    We include a walking route from Kings Cross to BMA House in our guide, promoting a healthy and green way to see the neighbourhood.


    Your Bloomsbury Guide

    Whether you’re here for an event or just exploring, our guide is your ticket to the best of Bloomsbury, Kings Cross, and Euston. Check out our recommendations and discover why we love this area.


    Find the full guide (scroll down to below our ‘Meet the team’ section) and plan your trip by connecting with us at BMA House. Let’s make your visit memorable.

    Delicious, fresh & ethical spring-summer menus have arrived

    As we say a fond farewell to Winter and hello to Spring, BMA House invites you to step inside our sustainable venue to sample our new menus. Bursting with flavour & colour, our delicious hospitality menus incorporate seasonal, local ingredients, using tried & trusted ethical suppliers. With a history of hospitality, we would love you to be part of our story.

    🔗 Head to our Food & drink page to view our menus:

    Bored of beginning an event with biscuits? Sick of the sight of another plain Danish pastry? We certainly are! Which is why our new menus have been carefully crafted to inspire & energise your guests.

    NEW for 2024…
    🍏 Begin your day with our low-carbon breakfast, made using local & “Future 50” ingredients, chosen for their low-carbon impact & high nutritional content.

    ☕ Energise delegates with our Community Blend coffee; working in collaboration with Well Grounded & aiming to help Londoners into work and support farmers in Peru.
    🥕 Indulge in our London Larder Buffet; seasonal dishes full of ingredients & products from our London larder, a selection of some of the finest suppliers & food producers that London has to offer.

    We can’t wait to smell the aromas from our kitchens this spring / summer & seeing your guests enjoying our sustainable menus!

    BMA House host isla’s Venue Roundtable

    On Wednesday 21st February, we welcomed in excess of 50 top level event organisers & venues to take part in the second isla Venue Roundtable.

    You could really feel the passion for sustainability in the room bounce off each other, and people’s commitment to improving the events industry was truly inspiring.

    Guests were treated to a delicious low-carbon breakfast provided by our sustainable catering partner, Company of Cooks, which included mushrooms on toast with watercress pesto, teff grain crepe with crème fraiche, raspberries & London honey and a Green detox juice (kale, cucumber, spinach, lemon & fennel).


    Part I saw us delving into different frameworks relating to emission boundaries and accountability for venues, event organisers and suppliers across different key areas: energy, travel, materials procurement, and waste, catering and post-evet reporting.
    We had an insightful conversation about enhancing the collection and exchange of environmental impact data, with the goal of eventually creating a common venue framework to scale up across the entire events industry.

    After a short break, Part II saw us collaborate to develop the basis for an aligned, voluntary standard for measurement and reporting across isla member venues.

    We concluded the day with venues tours, showcasing the best that BMA House has to offer, including our industry-leading sustainable practices.

    Ellie Ashton-Melia, isla’s Community Lead, commented, “Thank you for hosting us yesterday, the roundtable was a huge success. The low-carbon breakfast was delicious, our members thoroughly enjoyed the venue tours too.”