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    Case Study: BMA House Hosts the Sustainable Wedding Summit

    Event Overview

    BMA House, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, proudly hosted the Sustainable Wedding Summit, organised by the Sustainable Wedding Alliance (SWA). This landmark event, held to inspire action and innovation within the wedding industry towards sustainability, saw industry professionals gather to explore ways to build a more sustainable future.

    As SWA’s leading London sustainable wedding venue, BMA House was the ideal location to bring together thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers from the wedding industry to engage in meaningful discussions, workshops, and networking, all aimed at fostering sustainable practices.

    Client Requirements

    The Sustainable Wedding Alliance sought a venue that not only shared their values of sustainability and innovation but could also accommodate a dynamic and multi-faceted event.

    The summit required spaces for presentations, workshops, networking, and dining, all within a sustainable and environmentally friendly setting. Key elements included a plant-based menu, facilities for live podcast recordings, and areas for both formal and informal interactions among attendees.

    Importantly, the venue needed to demonstrate a proactive approach to sustainability, aligning with the SWA’s mission to inspire the wedding industry towards greener practices.

    BMA House Solution

    BMA House met and exceeded the SWA’s requirements by providing a comprehensive, sustainable venue solution. The event utilised various spaces within BMA House, including the Great Hall for keynote speeches and panel discussions, and the Snow room for dining and networking.

    The venue’s commitment to sustainability was showcased through a bespoke plant-based menu, featuring dishes such as courgette fritters with minted cucumber yoghurt, pulled jackfruit sliders, and a variety of vegan bowl foods, emphasising the venue’s ability to deliver high-quality, sustainable catering.

    Workshops and discussions were held in spaces designed to encourage collaborative and engaging conversations, with topics ranging from ethical marketing to carbon reduction and sustainable supply chains.

    BMA House also facilitated a unique outdoor photo opportunity in the Courtyard, embodying the event’s theme of reconnecting with nature and each other.

    The culmination of the day’s activities in the Paget room for awards and the Snow room for dinner, drinks, and dancing, illustrated BMA House’s versatility and commitment to hosting sustainable events that leave a lasting impression.

    As a truly memorable centrepiece, and to demonstrate Mother Nature serving as a symbolic ever-present guest, a chair adorned by a member florist, Lilac and Lace Floral Design, stood sentinel throughout the day, reminding everyone to ask the crucial question: “What would nature say?”

    Client Feedback

    Feedback from the Sustainable Wedding Alliance and event attendees was overwhelmingly positive. The SWA praised BMA House for its exemplary role as a leading sustainable venue in London, highlighting the seamless integration of sustainable practices throughout the event.

    “We were thrilled to collaborate with BMA House for the 2024 Sustainable Wedding Summit in London. Their central location made it an ideal choice for wedding professionals travelling from across the UK, ensuring accessibility and minimising travel footprints. But beyond location, BMA House truly embodied the spirit of the event. Their commitment to sustainable practices, from sustainably led operations to the delicious plant-based cuisine provided by Company of Cooks, perfectly aligned with our vision. Having a venue that prioritises ethical sourcing and minimising waste allowed us to showcase sustainable practices not just through discussion, but through the entire event experience. It was a powerful testament to the impact conscious choices can have, and a perfect setting to forge connections with a community passionate about a greener wedding industry.” Michelle Miles – Founder, Sustainable Wedding Alliance

    Attendees were impressed with the quality of the plant-based catering, the variety of sessions and workshops available, and the overall commitment to sustainability demonstrated by the venue.

    “The venue was spacious and well equipped, the main hall was perfect, a sense of history and grandeur but with all the mod cons for a panel discussion and presentation.”

    “The Sustainable Wedding Summit was a game-changer! Actionable insights, expert speakers, and a supportive community – I left overflowing with inspiration and practical steps to improve my business. Can’t wait for next year!”

    The successful execution of the Sustainable Wedding Summit at BMA House not only reinforced the venue’s status as a pioneer in hosting sustainable events but also set a new benchmark for the wedding industry.

    By hosting the Sustainable Wedding Summit, BMA House has further cemented its reputation as an innovative leader in sustainable event hosting, demonstrating that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand to create events that are both memorable and meaningful.

    Photo credits to:

    Sustainable Wedding Summit: Zoe Mills Photography

    Sustainable Wedding Awards: Carla Thomas Photography

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