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    Case Study: Redefining Awards and Celebrating the Travel Industry – The Travel Celebration event


    The Travel Celebration event was an inaugural event designed to bring together the travel industry in a unique and refreshing way. Unlike traditional award ceremonies that followed a predictable format, The Travel Celebration sought to break the mould and create an unforgettable experience for its attendees. Micaela Giacobbe, the event organiser, and Bruce Martin, the event owner, envisioned a celebration that would go beyond awards to prioritise networking, memorable experiences, and meaningful connections among industry professionals.

    The Vision:

    Recognising the need for a different approach in the wake of the global lockdown, Micaela and Bruce set out to create an event that captured the spirit of recovery and rejuvenation. They wanted The Travel Celebration to be more than just another awards ceremony, providing a platform for industry professionals to connect, celebrate achievements, and build lasting relationships. The focus was on fostering meaningful interactions and creating shared experiences that would leave a lasting impression on attendees.

    The Unconventional Format:

    To create something truly different from the typical awards format, Micaela and Bruce carefully planned the evening’s schedule. They divided the event into three distinct sections, allowing ample time for networking and immersive experiences. The evening began with a longer than normal reception period, allowing guests to network while enjoying appetisers and drinks. This provided an opportunity for attendees to mingle, connect, and initiate conversations in a relaxed setting.

    Following the reception, attendees were seated for dinner. However, rather than keeping people confined to their tables throughout the evening, Micaela and Bruce introduced an awards ceremony that lasted no longer than 55 minutes. This concise and efficient format ensured that the majority of the evening was focused on relationship building and fun rather a one-way experience where the audience sat quietly, clapping occasionally and waiting for the awards to finish.

    After the awards ceremony, the event transformed into a lively party, where guests had the chance to enjoy themselves and continue networking for another hour and a half. By incorporating this extended networking period and breaking away from the traditional structure, The Travel Celebration created an atmosphere that encouraged meaningful connections in a fun and inspiring atmosphere.

    Memorable Experiences:

    To enhance the event’s uniqueness, Micaela and Bruce curated a range of extraordinary experiences for the attendees. These experiences aimed to create lasting memories and forge deeper connections among the guests. From an Arabian tent featuring henna painting and traditional coffee service to eco-friendly glitter artists and even the presence of rescued animals, each experience was carefully selected to captivate attendees and spark conversations.

    The inclusion of these uncommon experiences created an environment where people could engage with each other in new and exciting ways, whilst considering the world around them. As part of this, Micaela ensured that responsible choices were made, such as working with an organisation that rescues unwanted animals and demonstrates the challenges those creatures face.

    BMA House as the Venue:

    When selecting a venue for The Travel Celebration, Micaela and Bruce sought a space that would accommodate their desired capacity of 200 guests while offering a prestigious and impactful atmosphere. BMA House emerged as the perfect choice, providing an elegant setting with grand columns, exquisite lighting, and versatile spaces.

    In the words of Micaela: “One of the key factors in choosing BMA House was the expectation of seamless customer service provided by Sasha and the rest of the BMA House team. Their expertise and support were crucial in ensuring the event’s success. From the initial setup to the high-speed and potentially high-stress turnaround between the reception and the after-party, the BMA House team demonstrated professionalism, flexibility, and efficiency, ultimately exceeding our expectations.”


    Positive Feedback and Future Collaboration:

    The Travel Celebration Event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. Guests expressed their delight and surprise at the event’s distinctive format and memorable experiences. The unique combination of networking opportunities, immersive encounters, and an efficient awards ceremony made it a something truly unique in the industry calendar and BMA House look forward to welcoming them back next year.

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