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    Case Study: Reimagine Sustainability London 2023

    Event Overview

    Reimagine Sustainability London 2023, organised by emc3, was a remarkable event focused on promoting sustainability within the marketing and events sectors. As part of the Reimagine series, which aims to explore different themes in various locations, this event specifically emphasised sustainability in close alignment with The Economist’s Sustainability Week.

    The primary objective of the whole suite of Reimagine events is to provide networking opportunities for industry professionals and clients, allowing them to connect and learn about sustainable practices while also promoting other events organised by emc3.

    Venue Selection: BMA House

    According to the emc3 team, “BMA House was the ideal choice for hosting Reimagine Sustainability London 2023, not only because of its stunning architectural setting, but it also aligns perfectly with the event’s sustainability focus. BMA House stands out among other sustainable venues due to its historic charm, often seen as a unique characteristic that can be challenging to combine with sustainable practices. However, BMA House successfully achieves this balance, ensuring that sustainability is a priority throughout its operations.”

    During the site visit, the event organisers were thoroughly impressed with our sustainable credentials. BMA House’s sustainability policy, encompassing every aspect of our operations, left a lasting impression. The catering offering stood out because it embraces a wide range of sustainable practices, receiving great feedback from the attendees. A key part of this was BMA House’s commitment to minimising food waste by utilising every part of the produce, from “stock to stem.” Such attention to detail and sustainability not only impressed the guests but also fostered meaningful conversations about sustainable practices during the event.

    Differentiating Factors

    Reimagine Sustainability London 2023 aimed to go beyond environmental sustainability by adopting a holistic approach to sustainability. The event organisers made deliberate choices that distinguished it from other sustainability-focused events. Firstly, the use of multiple spaces within BMA House added an interesting dynamic to the event. Despite unfavourable weather conditions that prevented the use of the outdoor space, the indoor Garden room was still able to be used to provide a delightful setting that complemented the sustainability theme.

    Also, the Snow Room was used for the presentations, which allowed attendees to explore different areas of the venue, enhancing their overall experience. In addition, the incorporation of an Accessibility Coordinator guaranteed the event was accessible to all individuals.  The result was an event that demonstrated commitment to CSR beyond sustainability, in this example – inclusivity.

    The event featured speakers from various industries, including Philippe Homsy, co-founder of L0CI, a sustainable fashion brand, and Saskya Liney, co-founder of consultancy From Now, who both shared insights on sustainability from their different perspectives. BMA House’s very own Business Development Manager, Hannah Robinson joined the panel giving expert advice from a venue perspective, alongside Samuel Gordan from IAG Group. These speakers were complimented by a wealth of other experts, creating a truly inspiring content line-up.

    Further Collaboration

    Waste Knot, a partner of BMA House was involved with the event from the outset.  Waste Knot, known for repurposing surplus food from farmers and supermarkets, played a vital role in ensuring the produce used was “rescued” adding another dimension to the event’s sustainability credentials.

    A True Success

    Ultimately, Reimagine Sustainability London 2023 held at BMA House achieved remarkable success in promoting sustainable practices. Through careful planning, venue selection, and collaboration with sponsors, emc3 created an event that stood out in terms of its sustainable credentials, diverse speaker line-up, and engaging discussions. Attendees praised the event’s emphasis on sustainability and appreciated the efforts made to ensure accessibility for all.

    The partnership with BMA House, a historic and sustainable venue, proved to be a perfect match, exemplifying the fact that sustainability and heritage can coexist seamlessly.

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