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    Keeping calm during COVID-19 in the events industry

    I am pretty sure my tips can transpire to any industry but I am so proud to see all the industry come together and share knowledge and tips, I thought I would share my tips on how to keep focused and calm during this period.

    The idea of the unknown right now is hard, when will we be back in venues? When will we be able to see our colleagues again face to face? How to reassure our clients that their events are in safe hands when we are ready again. As a venue showing a level of flexibility to booking terms is key.

    But how do we keep calm and keep the focus in such usual times? Here are my tips:

    • Daily calls as a team – I recommend a morning one and an afternoon one
    • Set up some interactive times – quiz night with your colleagues? We are going to all watch the same movie one night – keep team morale up. A virtual book club is planned monthly too


    • Have a structure to your working day. Write a daily list and include in this plans to look after yourself including exercise time
    • Embrace YouTube workouts – we have seen Joe Wicks daily PE class but his channel has many other videos I use on YouTube – The Body Coach. Davina McCall has also made Own Your Goals free for 30 days
    • Use Headspace or Calm app to just take 10 minutes a day to breathe
    • Stand! Don’t get stuck at your home desk, stand up at least every hour and get away from the screen, you are likely to spend more time at your screen at home so it’s important to take regular breaks
    • Join industry websites for many free webinars – I recommend EventWell, HBAA, MIA, The Delegate Wranglers. You will fill up some slots with some key training which can be really valuable. Sign up to Conference News and M&IT, C&IT and Event industry news emails too
    • Projects – you know those big jobs you don’t have time to do? Ideas – upgrade your systems, clear out your PC of old unused folders, clear out your image folders, make new proposal documents, plan future events
    • Training Tip Friday – we all take turns in our team to do some mini bitesize training on a topic which we may have learnt about that week or specialise
    • Events – keep booking events, venues need your support too and we are ready to plan events right through the year, we have menus we can send you, floor plans, etc…
    • Make use of Zoom, Skype, etc.. it’s important you don’t just talk but that you see each other! Just make sure you use your camera correctly and keep secure
    • Create a network – link in with your industry peers, check in on them, get advice and share tips. You can create mini chat groups on LinkedIn for example
    • Keep a routine – set your alarm still and get ready as if you are going to work still
    • Use your one hour outdoor exercise time – I’ve never got into running but I am using Strava and Couch to 5k to encourage my daily run


    • Take up a new hobby – Duolingo lets you learn a language on your phone – my holiday is rescheduled so I have plenty of time to learn some basic Japanese! Colouring, jigsaws, knitting are all easy and cheap things to take up
    • Clients – what a great time to connect with your clients, just check in on them, ask them how they are and build a relationship
    • Let in the fresh air – it might be cold out but it’s important to get some fresh air in your house/flat. Get those windows open!
    • Volunteer – you can do this for the NHS scheme or event just volunteer in a buddy scheme such as Stress Matters – Buddies Matter scheme

    And above all, we are all very much looking forward to finally being back together again! Please note the below picture was taken last year on a team outing. We are all staying at home and following the rules…


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