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    All the fun of the fayre

    Congratulations, you have got engaged – but now what?  Your friends and family have all been told, the ring has been showed to just about everyone you know and they have all said the same thing – “have you set a date”?  The answer at this point is probably no because you haven’t even thought about a venue yet – so where do you start?  The magazines, blogs and social media content can sometimes be overwhelming, which leads almost every couple, at some point to their first wedding fayre.


    In theory a wedding fayre is a great place to talk to wedding suppliers and experts – those people who can help shape your theme and your day.  However, in reality there are good and bad fayres, traditional fayres in hotels, vintage fayres, themed fayres, destination fayres, creative fayres… the list goes on and on.  When deciding which to go to we recommend doing some research, starting fairly local and picking one that fits your general themes, ideas and personality.  If you really don’t have a clue, start with the more traditional fayre, gather some ideas and narrow your options for the future.


    Before you go…

    • Decide who you are taking – is this an initial research trip with your partner to get some ideas? Are you taking your parents or friends for a day out?  The company you go with can dramatically impact what you do whilst there and where you focus.
    • Ask yourself whether you are going for research and ideas, or to make decisions and purchases. It is very easy for a research trip to become expensive, particularly if you get pulled into making a decision you might later regret.
    • Think about who you want talk to on the day, have a look at who is there and who fits what you have in your head. Focus on those people and try to avoid the butterfly effect and get pulled in the wrong direction.
    • Thoroughly review the fayre’s website and schedule, there might be showcases from particular suppliers that you want to see, so having your timings right is really important.


    At The Fayre…

    • Be open and talk to the suppliers about your thoughts and ideas. The more you tell them, the more they can draw on your personality to ignite and inspire their own creativity.
    • Make sure you collect business cards and contact details for the suppliers that interest you. There is nothing worse than getting home and realising you cannot remember the name of the perfect venue or caterer.
    • Be open minded – look at things that are outside your ideas and comfort zone – they might inspire you in different ways.
    • Try and sample everything to find out what it is that you truly want – though be wary of signing anything or agreeing to anything after sampling the fizz… just in case.



    Hopefully you will leave excited and inspired.  Take some time to reflect and think through what you have seen, follow up with those suppliers of interest and where appropriate get the date in the diary for those you love.

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