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    Sustainability in Action Part 1

    BMA House has an incredibly strong focus on being sustainable, it is something we have worked hard to achieve over a long period of time, resulting in changes to infrastructure, working practices and team ethos.  Much of this would be easy to achieve in a brand-new building, designed based on modern regulations using the latest in architectural research.  However, BMA House is a beautiful, listed historic building – which makes such changes rather harder to achieve.

    So, what have we been doing to make BMA House more sustainable?  Through this blog and another to be posted shortly we are going to detail and explore some of our incredible hard work.


    To see some of the following in action you can also check out our case studies from EIN and London & Partners, plus a very recent achievement to be named Top Ten Sustainable Conference Venues in London, by Hire Space.

    Above all else we see it as our goal to breakdown the presumption that Grade II Listed buildings cannot be sustainable.  This is demonstrated through headline figures such as a 69% reduction in delegate carbon footprint and a 5.4m litre reduction in water usage; as well as:

    Transport / Location

    • In addition to our superb location, which makes the journey more sustainable, we promote a “Clean Air Walking Route” from Kings Cross, taking guests off Euston Road onto backstreets with 57% lower pollution.
    • More than 40% of staff cycle to work (encouraged by additionally installed showers) and we provided 176 hours of free bike maintenance in 2019.
    • The iconic first sight of BMA House is our Courtyard, with its biodiverse lawn. This is complemented by our Garden – an intimate space, planted with medicinal herbs that are used in our catering.


    Property and Infrastructure

    • We monitor and report on gas, fuel and electricity usage, which are all sourced sustainably from renewable sources.
    • We have devised an overarching carbon descent plan, which includes exploring environmental heating options and increased insulation. To aid this we have also implemented the “dead band” in offices where where heating is set to 19 degrees (max) and cooling to 25 degrees (min).
    • All lighting has been replaced with LEDs and PIR (passive infra-red) lighting systems since 2014.
    • We use Office 365, allowing us to save and archive files and folders to the cloud, reducing
    • computers and associated energy consumption. We have rationalised data requirements and moved to specialist data providers where economies of scale and environmental impact are maximised.
    • We have achieved a zero-to-landfill status since 2017 and promote a paperless/e-first way of working.
    • Intelligent water management urinals have been installed alongside environmentally friendly toilet paper and dispensers are used throughout.
    • High-capacity cleaning systems turn tap water into stabilised aqueous ozone – nature’s most powerful cleaner.
    • Eco friendly products from carbon neutral flooring and wall coverings, with eco-friendly fabrics have been installed throughout.

    Collapsible coffee cups are made using our leftover waste to create a truly sustainable giveaway / product!


    Contact our caring Event Planners for more information on holding your sustainable event with us.

    Email: [email protected]

    Tel: 020 7874 7020

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